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safs::direct_comp_io Class Reference

#include <direct_comp_access.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int get_file_id () const
virtual void cleanup ()
virtual bool support_aio ()
virtual void access (io_request *requests, int num, io_status *status=NULL)
virtual void flush_requests ()
virtual int wait4complete (int num)
virtual int num_pending_ios () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from safs::io_interface
thread * get_thread () const
int get_node_id () const
int get_io_id () const
int get_remaining_io_slots () const
virtual int get_max_num_pending_ios () const
virtual void set_max_num_pending_ios (int max)
virtual bool set_callback (callback::ptr cb)
virtual callbackget_callback ()
virtual io_status access (char *buf, off_t off, ssize_t size, int access_method)

Detailed Description

This class supports asynchronous user-task I/O requests. Unlike global_cached_io, it doesn't support page cache.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void safs::direct_comp_io::access ( io_request requests,
int  num,
io_status status = NULL 

The asynchronous IO should implement some of the following methods. The main interface of sending asynchronous I/O requests.

requestsan array of I/O requests to be issued.
numthe number of I/O requests to be issued.
statusan array of I/O status, one for each I/O request.

Reimplemented from safs::io_interface.

virtual void safs::direct_comp_io::cleanup ( )

This method is called when the I/O instance is destroyed.

Reimplemented from safs::io_interface.

virtual void safs::direct_comp_io::flush_requests ( )

This method flushes I/O requests. When requests are passed to the access method, an IO layer may buffer the requests. This method guarantees that all requests are flushed to the underlying devices.

Reimplemented from safs::io_interface.

virtual int safs::direct_comp_io::get_file_id ( ) const

This method returns the ID of the file being accessed by the IO instance.

the file ID.

Implements safs::io_interface.

virtual int safs::direct_comp_io::num_pending_ios ( ) const

This method gets the number of I/O requests pending in the I/O instance.

the number of pending I/O requests.

Reimplemented from safs::io_interface.

virtual bool safs::direct_comp_io::support_aio ( )

This method indicates whether it supports asynchronous IO interface.


Reimplemented from safs::io_interface.

virtual int safs::direct_comp_io::wait4complete ( int  num)

This method waits for at least the specified number of requests issued by the access method to complete.

thenumber of requests that need to be completed.

Reimplemented from safs::io_interface.

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