A new frontier in large-scale graph analysis and data mining
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oNfgCompute kmeans on matrix of features
|oCFG_vectorFlashGraph vector that provides several parallelized methods when compared to an STL-vector.
NOTE: Not an STL-compatible data structure. This vector is also ideally used with numeric data types.
Methods marked with the keyword parallel are parallelized implementations
|oCFG_graphA user-friendly wrapper for FlashGraph's raw graph type. Very usefule when when utilizing FlashGraph pre-written/library algorithms
|oCcompute_vertexClass from which users' vertex-centric programs should inherit. Serial code written when implementing run*. methods here will be run in parallel within the graph engine
|oCcompute_directed_vertexA directed version of the compute_vertex class that users inherit from when using the FlashGraph engine
|oCvertex_filterWhen the graph engine starts, a user can use this filter to decide what vertices are activated for the first time
|oCvertex_initializerA user may be decide to initialize individual vertex state in a custom way not expressible via the vertex constructor. This provides that capability
|oCvertex_queryParallized query of the vertex state of all vertices in the graph. Each worker thread gets an instance of the query and the per-thread query results will be merged in the end. Inherit from this class to run queries in parallel
|oCgraph_engineThis is the class that coordinates how & where algorithms are run. It can be seen as the central organ of FlashGraph
|oCgraph_indexThis file contains a set of graph index implementation. The graph index is the in-memory container to keep all vertices of a graph.
|oCpage_vertexVertex representation when in the page cache
|oCpage_undirected_vertexThis vertex class represents an undirected vertex in the page cache
|oCvertex_program_createrExtend/Override when defining a custom vertex program. The graph engine uses this to construct vertex programs for each worker thread
|oCvertex_program_implThe default implementation of a vertex program in the graph engine